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Type of Shutter
    Video Output
    Resolution (MegaPixels)
    Camera Sensor Format
    Frame Rate (fps)
    Pixel Size, H x V (μm)
    Type of Sensor
    Camera Family
    Imaging Device

    Cámaras de Circuito

    Board-Level Cameras are used in a variety of applications for capturing images. Board-Level Cameras are specialized imaging cameras used in a large number of imaging applications such as factory automation or machine vision. Board-Level Cameras are available in a range of sensor formats to increase versatility. Board-Level Cameras are available with CCD or CMOS sensor types. CCD technology uses an analog signal to provide a uniform, high resolution image. CMOS technology uses digital signals to produce a quicker, low-power image.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Board-Level Cameras in multiple sensor formats or types including CCD or CMOS. Board-Level Cameras are extremely versatile imaging devices that can be effective in nearly any environment or application due to their versatility in addition to the range of options available. These cameras are ideal for laboratory integration or OEM implementation. A number of power supplies as well as connector cables are available as well.

    Cameras de Circuito USB2.0
    Cameras de Circuito USB2.0
    • Alta Resolución
    • Montura de Lente Estándar M12 x 0.5
    • Software SDK Incluido
    • Cantidad de Imágenes por Segundo Ajustable por Binning o Área de Interés
    Cameras VGA de Circuito FireWire.a
    Cameras VGA de Circuito FireWire.a
    • Contraventana Electrónica de Imagen Entero
    • Montura de Lente Estándar M12 x 0.5
    • Imagen VGA Sin Compresión de hasta 30fps
    • Cumple con DCAM
    PixeLINK® USB 3.0 Cameras
    PixeLINK® USB 3.0 Cameras
    • Resolutions Up to 14MP
    • Sensor Sizes from ½" to 1.1"
    • Right Angle Housing and Board Level Configurations Available
    Camera PixeLINK<sup>®</sup> FireWire.A
    Camera PixeLINK® FireWire.A
    • Chip CMOS de 0.3 MegaPixel
    • Disparo Exterior y Controles de Propósito General Exteriores
    • Interfaz FireWire que Cumple con DCAM
    Camera PixeLINK&reg; GigE
    Camera PixeLINK® GigE
    • Chip CMOS 0.3-6.6 MegaPixel
    PixeLINK® USB 2.0 CMOS Cameras
    PixeLINK® USB 2.0 CMOS Cameras
    • 0.3 to 6.6 MegaPixel Color/Monochrome CMOS Arrays
    • External Trigger and General-Purpose Output Controls
    • Out of the Box Functionality
    • FireWire.a and GigE Versions Also Available


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