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Extension Length (mm)
Size of Compatible Optics (mm)
Diameter of Compatible Optics (mm)
Thickness of Compatible Optics (mm)
Type of Optics

Componentes de Montura-C

C-Mount Components are used to mount a variety of optical components into an optical system. They are the most versatile component type, with mounting options for circular optics ranging from 3mm to 25.4mm in diameter, mounting cubes for cube and plate beamsplitters, microscope objective thread adapters for integration into microscopy applications, and many other options. C-Mount Components are also designed to integrate with the TECHSPEC Optical Cage System to maximize flexibility of the design. C-Mount Components offer our widest variety of compatible components from cameras and imaging systems, to laser mounts, filter wheels and more. Most C-Mount Components are compatible with both English and Metric sized optics. With the widest range of products, our C-Mount Components offer the most customizable optical integration solutions available.


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