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Iluminador de Fibra Óptica LED

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Wavelength (nm)
Type of Illumination
Illumination Mode
    Tunable Spectral Light Engines Nuevo
    Tunable Spectral Light Engines
    • Full Spectrum Control with 10 Independent 12-Bit Channels
    • Maximum Spectral Precision, Accuracy, and Repeatability
    • Tunable Light Color Using Included Easy-To-Use Software
    SugarCUBE™ Ultra LED Illuminator SugarCUBE™ Ultra LED Illuminator
    • Ultra High Intensity White LED Fiber Optic Illuminator
    • Direct Replacement for 150W Halogen Illuminators
    • More than 60,000 Hour LED Lifetime
    Dolan-Jenner LMI-6000 Fiber Optic LED Illuminator Dolan-Jenner LMI-6000 Fiber Optic LED Illuminator
    • High Power White LEDs with 780 Lumen Output
    • Variable Intensity in 15 Discreet Steps
    • Sturdy Housing Perfect for Lab or Factory Use
    Dolan-Jenner Mi-LED Fiber Optic LED Illuminators Dolan-Jenner Mi-LED Fiber Optic LED Illuminators
    • 10 – 100% Solid State Variable Intensity
    • 40,000 Hour LED Life
    • Iris Option Available
    Iluminador Metaphase LED de Fibra Óptica Iluminador Metaphase LED de Fibra Óptica
    • Diseño compacto 6.4" x 4.1" x 6.0"
    • Luces blancas LED de intensidad variable
    • Deben ser usados con adaptadores MX
    ScopeLED™ Fiber Optic Illuminators Liquidación
    ScopeLED™ Fiber Optic Illuminators
    • Full Intensity and Strobe Control
    • Versions for Fine White Light or Color Tuning
    • Postmounted Option is Boom Stand Compatible and Ideal for Microscopy
    Iluminadores LED SugarCUBE™ Iluminadores LED SugarCUBE™
    • Ideales como alternativa a los iluminadores halógenos de 150W
    • Ahorro del 50% de energía en comparación con fuentes halógenas
    • Tiempo de vida útil de más de 60.000 horas
    • Se utilizan junto con guías de luz de fibra óptica

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    LED Fiber Optic Illuminators are used to provide intense, even illumination to a wide range of imaging applications such as machine vision or microscopy. LED Fiber Optic Illuminators are light sources that use LED illumination to transmit light through fiber optic light guides that have been designed to interface with the illuminator. LED Fiber Optic Illuminators allow light to be directed in a number of different ways through the use of light guide adapter heads making them extremely versatile illumination options for a number of different applications.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of LED Fiber Optic Illuminators suited for many illumination needs. LED Fiber Optic Illuminators offer the benefit of providing several different kinds of illumination devices, such as backlights or ring lights, with only one illumination source. This feature makes LED Fiber Optic Illuminators ideal, cost-efficient illumination components. A selection of accessories or additional light guides is also available for increased versatility or replacement needs.

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