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Type of Shutter
    Video Output
    Resolution (MegaPixels)
    Camera Sensor Format
    Frame Rate (fps)
    Pixel Size, H x V (μm)
    Type of Sensor
    Camera Family
    Imaging Device

    Cámaras de Infrarrojo Cercano (NIR) o Ultravioleta (UV)

    NIR and UV Cameras are used to capture image data within the near-infrared or ultraviolet spectrums. NIR and UV Cameras are imaging cameras that are often designed with certain sensor coatings that allow near-infrared or ultraviolet light to be detected. NIR and UV Cameras provide additional details or can see through certain obstacles that cannot be accomplished with standard visible spectrum imaging cameras or are invisible to the naked eye.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of NIR and UV Cameras suited for many imaging needs. NIR and UV Cameras are ideal for a number of specific imaging applications such as nighttime imaging, or for detecting certain materials through fluorescence in microscopy. NIR and UV Cameras may also be used for quality assurance purposes by detecting flaws or defects observable beyond the visible spectrum. NIR and UV Cameras are available in either CCD or CMOS sensors, as well as monochrome or color imaging options.

    Camera NIR para 1460-1600nm
    Camera NIR para 1460-1600nm
    • Bajo Coste
    • Tamaño Compacto
    • Salida de Video Analógico Estándar
    • Contraventana Electrónica de Alta Velocidad
    Cámara USB 2.0 con Sensor CCD para NIR 1500 - 1600nm
    Cámara USB 2.0 con Sensor CCD para NIR 1500 - 1600nm
    • Sensor CCD para longitudes de onda NIR 1500 - 1600nm
    • Picos de transmisión a 1512nm y 1540nm
    • Incluye cámara, cable y software fácil de usar
    Cameras Allied Vision Guppy IEEE-1394/ FireWire.a
    Cameras Allied Vision Guppy IEEE-1394/ FireWire.a
    • Ultra Compacto
    • Económico
    • Color o Monocromático


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