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Filtros Ópticos

Bandpass Interference Filters
  • Many CWL Options Available
  • Ideal for Biomedical Applications and Instrumentation Integration
  • Unmounted and Mounted Versions Offered

Commercial Grade Additive and Subtractive Dichroic Color Filters

Commercial Grade Reflective Neutral Density Filters

Experimental Grade Bandpass Interference Filters
  • Ideal for Selectively Transmitting a Narrow Range of Wavelengths
  • Quantities Extremely Limited, Buy While Supplies Last
  • For Even More Deals, Check out Mega Clearance: Optics

Experimental Grade Color Filters

Experimental Grade Neutral Density Filters

Hard Coated Laser Clean-Up Filters
  • Narrow Bandwidths for Gas and Solid State Lasers
  • Broad Bandwidths for Diode Laser Clean-Up
  • High Transmission, Deep Blocking

Laser Line Bandpass Interference Filters
  • Common Diode, Gas, and Solid State Laser Lines
  • Variety of Bandwidths for Each Laser Line
  • Excellent Blocking Outside of Passband

Filtros IR Montados
  • Solo Pasan Luz Visible O IR
  • Ideal Para Usar Como Filtros Absorbentes de Calor

UV Longpass Filters
  • Ideal for UV Applications
  • For use with Longpass and Bandpass Filters
  • Various Sizes Available


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