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λ/20 PCX Lenses

TECHSPEC λ/20 PCX Lenses

TECHSPEC λ/20 PCX Lenses

  • λ/20 Surface Accuracy
  • Available Uncoated or with a Variety of Nd:YAG Laser Coating Options
  • Includes Full Data Package with Interferogram and Measured Results for Geometric Tolerances

TECHSPEC® λ/20 PCX Lenses are ideal for applications requiring minimal wavefront distortion. TECHSPEC λ/20 PCX Lenses feature the characteristics required for high precision use, including a precision fused silica substrate, λ/20 surface accuracy, and 20-10 surface quality. Each lens is available with a full data package that includes interferogram and measured results for diameter, radius, center thickness, and centration.

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