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Ultra-Thin Shortpass Filters

Ultra-Thin Shortpass Filters

Ultra-Thin Shortpass Filters

  • Flexible Design to Conform to Curved Surfaces
  • Scratch Insensitive, Ultra-thin Polymer Construction
  • >80% Average Transmission

Ultra-Thin Shortpass Filters are constructed from layers of ultra-thin polymers and dyes that deliver the same performance as thick traditional filters but in a compact, flexible filter design. The all-plastic composition of these flexible shortpass filters makes them both shatter proof and insensitive to scratching. Less than 500 microns thick, these flexible filters provide high transmission and a blocking optical density (OD) of 2.0 outside of transmission range. Ultra-Thin Shortpass Filters are available with sharp cut-off wavelengths across the visible and near-infrared (NIR) spectra. These filters are an excellent solution for vision or medical applications requiring low cost, space saving optical filters.

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