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TECHSPEC 10X YAG BBAR UDA Fixed Broadband Beam Expander

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Wavelength Range (nm):
500 - 1100
Expansion Power:
Entrance Aperture (mm):
Exit Aperture (mm):
Transmitted Wavefront, P-V:
λ/10 @ 1mm Input Beam, λ/4 @ 3mm Input Beam
Mounting Threads:
Input: Male C-Thread (1” x 32 TPI)
Output: Male T2-Thread (M42 x 0.75)
Fused Silica
Housing Diameter (mm):
Length (mm):
Angle of Incidence (°):
YAG-BBAR (500-1100nm)
Coating Specification:
Rabs <0.25% @ 532nm
Rabs <0.25% @ 1064nm
Ravg <1.0% @ 500 - 1100nm
Fixed Magnification
Beam Expander
Design Wavelength DWL (nm):
Divergence Adjustment:
Sliding Optics
Length with Threads (mm):

Regulatory Compliance

Product Family Description

  • λ/10 Transmitted Wavefront
  • Sliding Optics Collimation Adjustment Minimizes Beam Wander
  • Compact Galilean Designs 
  • Broadband Design to Accommodate Multiple Laser Wavelengths or Tunable Lasers

TECHSPEC® UDA (Ultra Divergence Adjustable) Fixed Broadband Beam Expanders feature high performance optical designs that have been optimized and tested for broadband use. These beam expanders eliminate the need for critical alignment due to their diffraction-limited performance over large input beam diameters and wide acceptance angles. Their broadband designs enable use with multiple laser lines or tunable lasers, reducing the number of beam expanders required for your optical system. Additionally, the optical design ensures internal focusing of ghost images is not present, which allows compatibility with high power lasers. Focus adjustment is also provided, which can be used for divergence correction or collimation. TECHSPEC UDA Fixed Broadband Beam Expanders C and T input/output mounting threads are compatible with Edmund Optics’ line of threaded mounting components, or mounting can be achieved using an optional mounting clamp.

Note: Contact our Sales Department for custom wavelength or magnification requests.

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