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Producción de Prismas Ópticos

Optical Prism Manufacturing
  • Wide Variety of Prism Shapes Available
  • All Optical Glass Types
  • Stock or Custom, from Design and Prototype to Volume Production

Edmund Optics designs and manufactures stock and custom optical prisms to suit any application. Whether you need a prism for image displacement, laser beam steering, or dispersion, we have an optical component to meet your needs. Our fully integrated prism manufacturing enables mid- and high-volume production. To learn more about prisms and their benefits, read our Introduction to Optical Prisms application note. Need to speak with an expert? Interested in a free quote? Contact us today!

Prism Manufacturing Capabilities
  Commercial Precision High Precision
Dimensions 2 – 200mm 2 – 150mm 2 – 75mm
Dimensional Tolerance +0/-0.1mm +0/-0.025mm +0/-0.01mm
V-Height ±0.25mm ±0.1mm ±0.03mm
Irregularity 1.0λ λ/4 λ/20
Prism Physical Angle Tolerance 3 arcmin ±30 arcsec 45º & 90º ±0.5 arcsec
Penta Prism Deviation 5 arcmin 3 arcmin 0.5 arcsec
Bevel Tolerance (Face Width @ 45°) ±0.2mm ±0.1mm ±0.05mm
Surface Quality (Scratch Dig) 80-50 40-20 10-5
Bonded Prism Assembly Beam Deviation 5 arcmin 3 arcmin 0.5 arcmin


  • OGP Smartscope
  • Nikon Autocollimators
  • Interferometry

Selecting the Right Optical Prisms

Right Angle

Right Angle

  • Used to Deviate Ray Path or Redirect Light at 90°
  • Create Left-Handed Image
  • Used in Combination for Image/Beam Displacement

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Penta Prisms


  • Five-Sided Design Featuring Ray Deviation of
  • Create Right-Handed Image
  • Ideal for Defining a Right Angle in an Optical System

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Image Rotation Prisms

Image Rotation

  • Used to Maintain Correct Visual Orientation
  • Ideal in Spotting Scopes and Optical Instruments to Take an Inverted Image from an Objective

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Light Pipes

Light Pipes

  • Utilize Total Internal Reflection to Turn Non-uniform Light Source into Uniform Illumination
  • Used to Alter Spatial Distribution of Source to Provide Even Uniformity

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Retroreflection Prisms


  • Designed to Reflect Any Ray or Beam Entering the Prism Face
  • Ideal for Measurement and Alignment Applications

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Dispersion Prisms


  • Used to Disperse
    White Light into Its Component
  • Ideal for Wavelength Separating Applications

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Mounted Prisms


  • Mount Anamorphic Pairs, Penta, and Corner Cube Retroreflectors
  • Ideal for Easy System Integration

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Specialty Prisms


  • Designed for a Variety of Imaging and Laser Systems
  • Include Rod Lens, Cone Mirrors, Anamorphic Pairs, Rhomboid, and Wedge

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