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    Diafragmas de Iris

    Iris Diaphragms are used to limit the amount of light transmitted to an imaging sensor or photodetector in order to prevent oversaturation. Iris Diaphragms are optical components that feature a series of smooth, thin leaves arranged to form a circular aperture which can be opened or closed depending on the application. Iris Diaphragms allow the amount of ambient light reaching a sensor to be controlled to ensure effective imaging.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Iris Diaphragms suited for many imaging needs. Iris Diaphragms are ideal for adapting imaging systems for a number of different applications or environments that would otherwise be too bright by limiting the amount of light in an area to manageable levels. Some Iris Diaphragms may be mounted directly onto imaging components or may be positioned separately in front of light sensors, offering multiple implementation choices. A selection of sizes as well as mounting accessories is also available for a range of versatile options.

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    Iris Motorizables de Alto Rendimiento
    • Rápido movimiento repetible y preciso
    • Control dual de engranaje y palanca mecánica
    • Pin extraíble para la integración OEM

    Serie de Diafragmas de Iris Alto Rendimiento Estándar
    • Encasamiento Resistente a la Corrosion
    • Alta Resistencia al Calor

    Serie de Diafragmas de Iris Alto Rendimiento de Cero Apertura
    • Encasamiento Resistente a la Corrosion
    • Alta Resistencia al Calor

    Iris Diaphragm with Filter Holder and Post
    • 1-30mm Lever Adjustable Aperture
    • Filter Holder on Face for 33mm Dia. x 2mm Thick Components
    • Includes Ring Mount and Stainless Steel Post


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