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    Microscopy is used to view objects or specimens that are too small to be seen with just the human eye. Microscopy is a technical field that involves the use of Microscopy components such as microscopes or microscope objectives to obtain greater detail of examined samples. Microscopy can also utilize specific illumination techniques to increase detail or contrast. Many microscopes are now compatible with cameras, enabling images or video to be projected onto a monitor, or allowing images to be saved for later examination.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Microscopy components including microscope objectives, microscopes, or optical filters that are ideal for use in Microscopy setups. Microscope objectives include infinity corrected, finite conjugate, or reflective objectives in industry leading brands such as Mitutoyo or Olympus. Microscope objectives are ideal for a range of research, industrial, or life science applications. Microscopy filters are ideal for isolating specific wavelengths in fluorescence applications.

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