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Herramientas de Manejo

Component Handling Tools are used to effectively handle sensitive optical components without the risk of causing damage or contamination. Component Handling Tools are designed using materials or coatings that minimize the risks of scratching the surface of optical components or leaving residue behind after contact. Component Handling Tools come in a range of product types including gloves, pick-up tools, tweezers, or pliers. Component Handling Kits are a low-cost, single purchase solution for purchasing a wide range of Component Handling Tools.

Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Component Handling Tools that are ideal for most optical applications. Gloves are available in many different sizes and offer maximum manual dexterity when examining components. Pick-up tools are useful for handling small or complex components. Pick-up tools use a selection of suction heads to provide excellent gripping power without damaging a component’s surface. Tweezers are an ideal tool for handling or manipulating small, delicate objects or in applications where limited space is available. The long, narrow grips of tweezers can easily hold small objects or reach into compact areas.

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Herramientas de Recogida | Ver todos

Herramienta de Recogida por Vacio
  • Handheld and Easy To Use

Kits de Herramienta Handi-Vac® y Pen-Vac®
  • Seguro Contra ESD
  • Opciones de Lápiz o Bombilla

Pinzas o Tenazas | Ver todos

Pinzas de Bambú
  • Perfectos para Manejar Micro-Ópticas
  • Tres Opciones de Longitud

Pinzas No Estropeantes
  • Ideal para Trabajo Delicado

Soft Jaw Pliers
  • Non-Marring Cushioned Tips
  • Screw-In Cushioned Tip Design
  • Replacement Tips Available

Pinzas de Acero Inoxidable
  • Ideal para Trabajo Detallado

Kits para Manejo de Lentes | Ver todos

Optical Component Handling Kit
  • Pre-Packaged for Convenience
  • Basic, Plus, and ESD Options
  • Storage Case Included


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