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Optical Cleaning Products are used to clean or safely handle sensitive optical components for maintenance or inspection applications. Optical Cleaning Products consist of a range of different products including lens tissue, compressed air, or cleaning solutions designed to remove residue or debris from an optical component without the risk of damaging its surface. Optical Cleaning Components are available in a wide range of sizes or materials ideal for a number of optical cleaning needs.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Optical Cleaning Products suited for most cleaning needs. Lens Tissue and Cloth are ideal for removing oils or residue without the danger of scratching the surface of an optical component. Compressed Air cleans by firing concentrated bursts of dry air to remove dust or other particulate without touching the component with potentially damaging instruments. Gloves are composed of a selection of smooth materials which allow components to be safely handled without reducing dexterity. A selection of lens pouches is also available for clean, safe storage.

Toallitas Limpiadoras | Ver todos

Paños de Limpieza
  • Opciones Photo-Clear® y Anti-Estático

Tejidos Grado Industrial de Lente Edmund
  • Tejido Tradicional MIL-SPEC
  • Empaquetamiento Grande con Hojas Sueltas
  • 500 Hojas por Paquete

Grado Comercial
  • Tejidos Superiores Tipo 1 Clase 1
  • Tejidos Tradicionales MIL-SPEC
  • Libreta de 100 Hojas de 4” x 5”

Tejidos Grado Educativo de Lente Edmund
  • Tejidos de Grado Educativo Estándar
  • Libreta de 50 Hojas 4” x 5”

Low Contamination Pec-Pad Cleaning Tissue
  • Lint Free Durable Design
  • Less Than 0.001% Contamination
  • No Visible Hazing
  • Ideal for Sensitive Surfaces

Paños de Limpia PREMATEX®
  • Extremadamente Durable y Re-Usable
  • Paños Blancos Lisos
  • Ideal para Superficies Delicados

Tejidos de limpiezaz de Lente Premate® Pop-n-Wipe®
  • Tecnología Avanzada de Micro Fibra
  • Extremadamente Durable y Re-Usable
  • Paños Blancos con Diseño de Caño
  • Resistentes y muy Absorbentes

Toallitas Pre-mojadas (No PREMATEX® )
  • Paños Blancos Pre-Mojados
  • Individualmente Empaquetados

Kits Ópticos de Limpieza | Ver todos

Basic and Plus Optical Component Cleaning Kits
  • Pre-Packaged for Convenience
  • Storage Case Included

Optics Cleaning Kit
  • Contains Non-Hazardous (Non-Hazmat) Cleaning Products
  • Ideal for Cleaning Optical and Fibre Optic Components
  • Weather-Resistant Carry Case with Space for Additional Items

Aire Comprimido | Ver todos

Ionizador Anti-Estatico de Aire Comprimido
  • Boosts Performance of Canned Air Dusters
  • Eliminates Static Electrical Charge on Lenses
  • Snaps Onto Compressed Air Cans

Guantes, Cepillos o Bastoncillos | Ver todos

Blue Nitrile Gloves
  • 5mil and 8mil Thick Versions
  • Snag and Puncture Resistant
  • ESD Safe

Aplicadores con Punta de Algodon
  • Palos de Madera de 3” o 6”

Cepillos anti-estáticos y dispensadores de aire
  • Perfect for Cleaning Optics Safely
  • Quick Solution for Removing Dust and Lint
  • Ideal for Use when Solvents will Cause Damage

Limpiadores o Bolsas para Lentes | Ver todos

PUROSOL™ Optical Cleaner
  • Endorsed by EO Assembly Staff
  • 100% Environmentally Safe
  • Smear, Residue Free
  • Unique Soil-Release Process
  • For All Coated and Multi-Layer Coated Military Optics

Purosol™ Sport/Marine Cleaner
  • Breaks Down and Repels Salt Crystals
  • Ideal for Cleaning Marine and Medical Optics
  • Non-Toxic, 100% Environmentally Safe Formula

Botellas Dispensoras Menda®
  • Mecanismo de Dispersión de Precisión
  • Ideal para Soluciones de Limpieza
  • Varios Tamaños y Opciones de Botella

Soft Lens Pouches
  • Safely Store Optics
  • Offered In Two Sizes
  • Durable Stitched Cloth Design

Compact Lens Cleaning System
  • Safe for all lenses
  • Dry carbon compound
  • Non hazardous and Environmentally friendly

Dust-Aid Lens Cleaner
  • 100% Air Safe
  • Extremely Fast Evaporation with No Residue
  • Non-Alcohol or Water Based

Optical Cleaner
  • Fast Drying
  • Non- Hazardous, Non-Flammable, Plastic-Safe
  • Unique Spray Cap Design


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