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    Sistemas de Tubos

    The Tube System remains one of the most versatile systems available for optical components today. The Tube System is used to create systems ranging from independent subassemblies to prototyping, while enabling advanced, active alignment between components. The lens mounts enable the user to change between lens components rapidly and therefore provide flexibility when designing an optical assembly. The Tube System is advantageous due to the variety of fixed, self-centering, and adjustable mounting options, isolation from undesirable environmental stray light, and simple integration from design to production. The Tube System facilitates customizable and modular systems unique to any applications requirements.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Tube System products, including the most popular industry standard threaded tube sizes. Our S-Mount Components, C-Mount Components, and T-Mount Components all offer an assortment of lens mounts, spacer rings, extension tubes, and more that are designed to integrate into your applications optical system.

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