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    Ventanas Especiales

    Specialty Windows are Optical Windows designed for a variety of applications. Specialty Optical Windows are unique in shape or purpose. Optical Mirrors are designed to protect electronic sensors or other sensitive optical components from damage or overexposure to light. Edmund Optics offers a range of Specialty Optical Windows, including Brewster Windows, Glass Domes, Hydrophobic Windows, or other Infrared (IR) Materials.

    Brewster Windows are designed to present a circular profile when oriented at Brewster’s angle (55.57°). Hydrophobic Windows resist liquid absorption or wetting in order to simplify handling and cleaning. Infrared (IR) Material Windows are used in Medium Wave Infrared (MWIR) or Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) applications. Glass Domes can be used as encompassing protective boundaries between two environments. Glass Domes offer superior optical characteristics.


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