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Componentes Mecánicos para Láser

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Beam Steering Assemblies Beam Steering Assemblies
  • Ready to Use Beam Steering Assembly
  • High Resolution 100 TPI Kinematic Mounts
  • Available with 20mm Post for Higher Stability
Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit Nuevo
Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit
  • Used to Combine Two OBIS™ Lasers
  • Easy to Align
  • Intuitive Design
  • Optics and Lasers Sold Separately
Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning System Nuevo
Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning System
  • Dual Axis Scan Range of ±20°
  • 7mm Mirrors with Protected Silver Coating
  • Driven by Intuitive ScanMaster Designer Software
Single Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners Nuevo
Single Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners
  • ±10° of Optical Scanning
  • Designed for Stable Positioning at Fast Scan Speeds
  • Compact Form Factor for Space Sensitive Applications
Acktar Blackened Laser Beam Traps and Blocks Nuevo
Acktar Blackened Laser Beam Traps and Blocks
  • Coated for High Absorbance of Laser Light
  • Tubular Beam Trap or Thin, Flat Beam Block Designs
  • M6 Tapped Hole for Easy Post Mounting
Optotune Beam Steering Mirrors Nuevo
Optotune Beam Steering Mirrors
  • ±50° of Optical Scanning
  • Protected Gold or Silver Coated Mirror Options
  • Compact 45mm Diameter Housing Footprint
  • Control via USB, SPI, or Analog Input
Disipador de Calor OBIS&trade; de Coherent<sup>&reg;</sup>
TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More
Disipador de Calor OBIS™ de Coherent®
  • Diseñado para Láseres OBIS™ de Coherent®
  • Compatibles con Monturas-C y Sistemas de Jaula
  • 10 Aletas Disipadoras de Calo
Dual Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners Dual Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners
  • Advanced Optical Position Detector Design
  • Moving Magnet Actuator Technology
  • Compact Size for Easy Integration
High Power Beam Dumps High Power Beam Dumps
  • 50W Max Input Power
  • Available in Metric and Imperial
Monturas para Diodos Láser Monturas para Diodos Láser
  • Compatibles con Módulos de Diodo
  • Capacidad de Pivote
  • Ofrece Alineamiento a Disipador de Calor (los LDM’s Requieren Aislamiento Eléctrico)
Dispersor de Rayos Metrico Dispersor de Rayos Metrico
  • Absorbe Rayos Láser No Requisitos
  • Apertura de Entrada de 10mm
Spatial Filters Métricos Spatial Filters Métricos
  • Micrómetro en los ejes X-Y
  • Control de inclinación Gimbal para alineamiento de fibras ópticas
  • Desplazamiento en el eje Z para movimiento de objetivos
Mounting Accessories and Power Supplies for Lasers Mounting Accessories and Power Supplies for Lasers
  • Common Power Supplies and Mounts for Lasers and Laser Diodes
  • Ideal for Blue and Violet Laser Diode Modules
  • Various Sizes and Materials Available
Cortador Óptico Cortador Óptico
  • Incluye 5 Discos Cortadores Intercambiables
  • Gama de Frecuencia de 5Hz a 20kHz
  • Modelos de Frecuencias Duales, Miniatura, y Estándar Disponibles
Movimiento de Filtro Spacial Movimiento de Filtro Spacial
  • X-Y Adjustable
  • Pre-Mounted on a Gimbal Tilt-Table
  • Open-Style Design

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