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Láseres de Helio-Neon

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    Wavelength (nm)
    Output Power (mW)
    Beam Diameter (mm)
    Type of Laser
    Coherent&reg; Diamond C-Series CO<sub>2</sub> Lasers Nuevo
    Coherent® Diamond C-Series CO2 Lasers
    • Superior Beam Quality and Power Stability for Improved Process Quality
    • Fully Sealed Integrated Package with Built-in RF Power Supply
    • Wide Power Range with CW or Pulse Width Modulation Control
    Láseres de Helio-Neón de Lasos Nuevo
    Láseres de Helio-Neón de Lasos
    • Excelente Estabilidad
    • Larga Duración
    • Alineación Precisa
    Lásers Estándar Lumentum de Helio-Neon Lásers Estándar Lumentum de Helio-Neon
    • Low Noise
    • Self-Contained Power Supply
    • Small Size
    Lásers Argon-Ion Completamente Contenido Lásers Argon-Ion Completamente Contenido
    • Unidad Ultra Compacto con Fuente de Alimentación Interna
    • Menor Coste por mW de Potencia
    • Modelos de un Modo y Modos Múltiples con un Diseño de Canal Dual y Ventilación de Aire
    • Perilla de Control de Potencia de Salida Montada en la Parte de Atrás de la Unidad

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    Gas Lasers are used in applications that require laser beams with long coherence lengths, very high beam quality, or single mode operation. Gas Lasers are lasers that use an electric current discharged through a gas medium to produce a beam. Common Gas Lasers include helium neon, argon, or carbon dioxide. The type of gas used can determine or influence the laser’s wavelength, efficiency, or power.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide selection of lasers, including a variety of Gas Lasers such as HeNe, Argon-Ion, or CO2. Helium neon lasers are a multifunctional laser commonly used in many low power laser applications in education or laboratory settings. Argon-Ion lasers are ideal for applications in the near ultraviolet or visible. Carbon dioxide lasers are used in a variety of applications including molecular spectroscopy, gas sensing, environmental monitoring, or for testing night vision or thermal cameras.

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