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TECHSPEC® Nd:YAG Laser Line λ/20 UV Fused Silica Right Angle Prisms Ideal for Beam Steering 21/06/2018
TECHSPEC® UCi Fixed Focal Length Lenses Designed for Instrumentation Integration 07/06/2018
Edmund Optics® Announces Key Executive Promotions 24/05/2018
The Future Depends on Laser Optics 10/05/2018
TECHSPEC® Divergent Adjustable Broadband Beam Expanders with a 2µm Design Wavelength 26/04/2018
Edmund Optics® Honored by Vision Systems Design 2018 Innovators Awards Program 25/04/2018
Edmund Optics® Recognized as a Top Workplace 12/04/2018
TECHSPEC® Monolithic Reflective Beam Expanders Compatible with Wide Variety of Light Sources 29/03/2018
TECHSPEC® Ultra Compact Objective Assemblies Offer Configurable Magnification Using Extension Tubes 15/03/2018
TECHSPEC® Rugged Blue Series M12 µ-Video Lenses optimized for Machine Vision 01/03/2018
TECHSPEC® λ/20 UV Fused Silica Right Angle Prisms tailored for precision laser applications 15/02/2018
TECHSPEC® Low Scatter Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors exhibit less than 50Å RMS surface roughness 25/01/2018
TECHSPEC® Low Scatter Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors exhibit less than 50Å RMS surface roughness 25/01/2018
Edmund Optics® and Etaluma Announce Sales Partnership 24/01/2018
Edmund Optics Releases New Laser Optics Video Series 10/01/2018
Edmund Optics® Releases New Laser Optics Video Series 11/01/2018
Edmund Optics® acquires ITOS GmbH / Mainz 02/01/2018
Olympus Super Apochromatic Objectives offer High Sensitivity to Fluorescence Emissions 28/12/2017
Affordable Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging System provides high resolution imaging 14/12/2017
TECHSPEC® Divergence Adjustable Fixed YAG Beam Expanders achieve industry-leading λ/10 Wavefront Error 30/11/2017
Lab Starter Kits and Lab Essentials Kit for new lab startup and replenishment needs 16/11/2017
Edmund Optics® Announces Winner of the 2017 Norman Edmund Inspiration Award 08/11/2017
Edmund Optics® Announces 2017 Educational Award Recipients 18/10/2017
Edmund Optics line of Imaging Filters Rebranded as TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filters 24/10/2017
Flat Top Beam Shapers Convert Gaussian Beam Profile to Flat Top Profile 05/10/2017
TECHSPEC® VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses optimized to correct on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations 21/09/2017
National Photonics Initiative, Edmund Optics Host US Congresswoman Martha McSally 21/09/2017
New Microscope Eyepieces available in three magnifications 07/09/2017
TECHSPEC® 100 Å Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror Family 24/08/2017
Edmund Optics Unveils TECHSPEC® Compact Ruggedized (Cr) Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses 08/08/2017
TECHSPEC® Precision Ultraviolet Mirrors offered with new Vacuum UV enhanced coating 25/07/2017
TECHSPEC® BBAR Coated Hypotenuse Right Angle Prisms feature tight angular tolerances 17/07/2017
Edmund Optics® Recognized as a "Top Workplace" 28/04/2017
Edmund Optics® Announces Equity Investment In ITOS GmbH 25/04/2017
TECHSPEC® λ/20 First Surface Mirrors provide industry-leading surface accuracy 03/05/2017
Edmund Optics® celebrates 75 years of Optical Innovation 11/04/2017
Edmund Optics® Honored by Vision Systems Design 2017 Innovators Awards Program 04/04/2017
Patrick Gray Joins Edmund Optics as Business Development Director -- US Defense and Aerospace 03/04/2017
Ultra-thin Flexible Longpass Filters provide optimal durability 24/03/2017
Edmund Optics® Tucson Office Moves to Accommodate Growth and Expansion 14/10/2016
TECHSPEC® High Performance Fluorescence Dichroic Filters ideal for Fluorescence Microscopy or High Magnification Imaging Applications 27/02/2017
Off-Axis Parabolic First Surface Metal Mirrors Free of Aberrations across Broadband Range 12/02/2017
Edmund Optics UV Longpass Filters are In-Stock and Offer High Transmission and Industry Leading Optical Densities for Maximum Performance 22/11/2016
Edmund Optics® Announces Winner of the 2016 Norman Edmund Inspiration Award 10/11/2016
Edmund Optics® Augments 25mm TECHSPEC® Precision Aspheric Lens Line 06/10/2016
Edmund Optics® And Varioptic Announce the Availability of the Variable Focus ArcTIc Liquid Lens in the EO Catalog 27/10/2016
Edmund Optics® opens Silicon Valley office 21/09/2016
Edmund Optics® Hosts Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey for Exploration Workshop 02/08/2016
Edmund Optics® TECHSPEC® Filters improve system performance 11/08/2016
New TECHSPEC® 2-8X Continuously Variable Beam Expander Suitable for 355nm 28/06/2016
Edmund Optics® Honored by Vision Systems Design 2016 Innovators Awards Program 03/05/2016
Edmund Optics TECHSPEC® UC Series Lenses set new price/performance standard 28/04/2016
Edmund Optics® startUP Program provides new optics and photonics companies with engineering, product, and marketing expertise 26/04/2016
Edmund Optics® Recognized as Top Workplace Seven Years in a Row 12/04/2016
Iris AO Adaptive Optics Kit Corrects Monochromatic Aberrations 08/02/2016
TECHSPEC® Fluorescence Bandpass Filters perfectly matched to common fluorophores 03/02/2016
TECHSPEC® YAG-BBAR Coated Achromatic Lenses correct on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations 24/01/2016
Edmund Optics® Announces Winner of 2015 Norman Edmund Inspiration Award 10/11/2015
Meadowlark Optics Polarimeter covers broad 450-1100 nm wavelength range 29/10/2015
TECHSPEC® Laser Line PCX Cylinder Lenses focus light in one direction 20/10/2015
Edmund Optics® Announces 2015 Education Award Recipients 14/10/2015
Edmund Optics Announces the Appointment of Marisa Edmund as Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing 08/10/2015
Edmund Optics® Announces 2015 Educational Award Finalists 02/09/2015
Fast-growing China laser market now has direct access to more than 1,600 Edmund Optics stock laser optics 26/08/2015
TECHSPEC® Right Angle Mirrors ideal for system alignment applications 05/08/2015
Go East, Young Engineers 16/07/2015
Deep UV Bandpass Filters provide bandpasses as low as 122 nm 29/06/2015
TECHSPEC® High Power Nd:YAG Laser Mirrors feature High Damage Thresholds 18/06/2015
Ultrafast Dispersing Prisms meet the demands of ultrashort pulse laser systems 08/06/2015
Beam Twisters™ provide 90° rotation of laser bar beams 13/05/2015
Philadelphia SmartCEO Recognizes Edmund Optics as 2015 Family Business Award Honoree 06/05/2015
Edmund Optics® Strengthens its Team in Europe 04/05/2015
Laser Line Non-Polarizing Plate Beamsplitters offer high laser damage thresholds 29/04/2015
TECHSPEC® Laser-Line Coated Precision Aspheric Lenses designed for high power Nd: YAG lasers 24/04/2015
Edmund Optics® CEO, Robert M. Edmund, Recovering from Accident 21/04/2015
Edmund Optics® Awarded IR Smart Sensors Defense Contract 16/04/2015
Edmund Optics® Honored by Vision Systems Design 2015 Innovators Awards Program 27/03/2015
Edmund Optics® Recognized as Top Workplace Six Years in a Row 26/03/2015
Dynamic Focus VZM Lenses use an internal liquid lens to electronically adjust focus 12/03/2015
Edmund Optics donates 500 Optical Outreach Kits 26/02/2015
TECHSPEC® Silicon Aspheric Lenses Ideal for Weight-Sensitive IR Applications 25/02/2015
Edmund Optics® and FISBA OPTIK Create Partnership to Advance Infrared Glass Molded Optics 02/02/2015
TECHSPEC® λ/20 PCX Lenses Provide Minimal Wavefront Distortion 29/01/2015
Broadband IR Laser Mirrors feature Copper Substrate to dissipate excess heat 13/01/2015
Broadband Polarizers feature wide acceptance angles of ±40° 06/01/2015
Edmund Optics Expands Line of Standard Anti-Reflection Coatings 09/12/2014
Gires-Tournois Interferometer (GTI) Mirrors provide greater than 99.8% reflectivity for S and P polarization 02/12/2014
Low Loss Laser Mirrors feature greater than 99.9% reflectivity 12/11/2014
Edmund Optics® Announces Winner of 2014 Norman Edmund Inspiration Award 04/11/2014
TECHSPEC® Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses Provide Selectable Field of View 29/10/2014
TECHSPEC® High Resolution Telecentric Lenses for 1” Sensors Designed for up to 16 MP Resolution Sensors 22/10/2014
Edmund Optics® Announces 2014 Education Award Recipients 15/10/2014
Edmund Optics® Announces Finalists for 2014 Educational Award 17/09/2014
Radial Polarization Converters Reduce Laser Beam Spot Size 02/09/2014
TECHSPEC® Acylinder Lenses Focus Light in a Single Dimension 20/08/2014
Slow Axis Collimators Ideal for Use with Laser Bars 15/08/2014
Edmund Optics® Announces New Roles for Key Management 11/08/2014
Acktar Light Absorbent Foil eliminates light reflectance 29/07/2014
Fused Silica Wafers Exhibit less than 10Å Surface Roughness 08/07/2014
TECHSPEC® Germanium Meniscus Lenses Provide Superior Spherical Correction 17/06/2014
TECHSPEC® Variable Beam Expanders Provide Continuous Magnification 02/06/2014
Edmund Optics® Releases New Imaging Optics Catalog and Technical Content 06/05/2014
TECHSPEC® Compact Objective Assemblies Simplify Video Microscopy 15/04/2014
TECHSPEC® Variable Magnification Lenses Provide Selectable Field of View 08/04/2014
TECHSPEC® Precision Sapphire Windows Provide Excellent Transmission from UV to MWIR 01/04/2014
Edmund Optics® Recognized as Top Workplace Five Years in a Row 26/03/2014
Laser Crystals ideal for integration into a wide range of applications 19/03/2014
Need New Products for Your Lab? - Edmund Optics is Now Accepting Applications for the 2014 Educational Award 24/02/2014
TECHSPEC® UV-NIR Neutral Density Filters Provide Constant Transmission from 190-1700nm 23/02/2014
Linear Variable Bandpass Filters replace multiple dedicated filters 10/02/2014
Samuel Sadoulet Named President of Edmund Optics 29/01/2014
TECHSPEC® Barium Fluoride (BaF2) Windows Provide High Transmission without AR Coatings 20/01/2014

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