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TECHSPEC® VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses optimized to correct on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations

Nine new models available

9/21/2017, Barrington, NJ USA   —

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces new TECHSPEC® VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses. These versatile lenses consist of two optical components cemented together to form a doublet and provide a low-cost alternative to air-spaced focusing doublets. They are corrected for on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations. Nine new models of TECHSPEC® VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses have been added to the extensive lens family, including diameters of 12.7mm, 18mm, 30mm, and 75mm, with ground or Inked Edge models available.

High transmission and low reflection

TECHSPEC® VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses feature a VIS-NIR coating with a transmission range from 400 to 1000nm. Designed for a 0° angle of incidence, these lenses are optimized for less than 0.25% absolute reflectivity at 880nm. The RoHS compliant precision lenses offer a surface quality of 40-20. Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) and VIS 0° coated achromats are also offered.

Inked achromats feature decreased noise, increased contrast, and excellent signal-to-noise ratio

TECHSPEC® VIS-NIR Coated Achromatic Lenses are also available in edge-blackened models. Edge-blackened lenses, or inked lenses, minimize the stray light within an optical system, decreasing noise and increasing contrast. Treating the edges with a black ink minimizes scattered light and maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio.

About EO:

Edmund Optics® is a leading supplier of optics, imaging, and photonics technology for the Life Sciences, Biomedical, Semiconductor, R&D, and Defense markets around the globe. EO designs and manufactures a wide array of multi-element lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems, and optomechanical equipment, while supporting OEM applications with volume production of both stock and custom products. EO’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, combined with its global distribution network, has earned it the position of the world’s largest supplier of off-the-shelf optical components. Customers can purchase items by calling 1-800-363-1992, via the catalog or the website at