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Perfilador de Rayo Láser Coherent<sup>®</sup> Lasercam™ Perfilador de Rayo Láser Coherent® Lasercam™
  • Interfaz Digital USB 2.0 de 12 y 14-bits
  • Gama Dinámica de Alta Sensitividad
  • Software Intuitivo Incluido
Edmund Optics Ultrafast Autocorrelator by APE Nuevo
Edmund Optics Ultrafast Autocorrelator by APE
  • Trusted APE® Performance with Same Day Availability
  • TPA Detector with >0.1W2 Sensitivity @ 700 - 1100nm
  • Includes a Controller with USB Interface and Ready to Use Data Acquisition Software
  • Compact Design and Tuning Free Wavelength Matching
  • Ideal for Low and High Repetition Rate Ultrafast Lasers
Edmund Optics® Beam Profilers Edmund Optics® Beam Profilers
  • High Resolution for Accurate Small Beam Profile Measurements
  • Large Area Sensor for Large Beam Profiling
  • USB 3.0 for the Fastest Transfer Rates

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Laser Beam Analysis technology is used to measure the attributes of a laser beam in order to test its usefulness or compatibility for different laser applications. Laser Beam Analysis includes devices such as profiler systems that evaluate data from beam images to provide information such as beam location, peak intensity position, stability, or beam density. Laser Beam Analysis systems offer a range of information as well as a greater amount of control over many laser applications by delivering detailed information about a tested laser.

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