Spectroscopy Lighting

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Fiber Coupled LEDs	Fiber Coupled LEDs New
  • Center Wavelengths from 375 - 1050nm
  • Integrated Heat Sink for Thermal Management
  • Continuous, TTL, or Analog Modulation Operation
Fiber Coupled Laser-Driven White Light Source Fiber Coupled Laser-Driven White Light Source New
  • Extremely High Luminance with Output Power up to 500mW
  • Light Coupling with 50µm – 1mm Core Diameter Multimode Fibers
  • User-Friendly GUI for Remote Control via USB or RS-232
  • 450 – 700nm Wavelength Range
Broadband Fiber-Coupled Light Sources Broadband Fiber-Coupled Light Sources
  • Designed for Use with Spectrometers
  • Lamps Available for UV to NIR
  • Xenon, Tungsten, or Deuterium Sources