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    Focal Length FL (mm)
    Maximum Sensor Format
    Working Distance (mm)
    Primary Magnification PMAG

    Lentes de Distancia Focal Fija

    Fixed Focal Length Lenses, commonly referred to as C-Mount Lenses, are used in many robotics or inspection applications. Fixed Focal Length Lenses are imaging lens assemblies designed with a single angular field of view, also known as constant focal length. These imaging lenses typically have a minimum working distance, but no maximum, extending performance out to infinity. Objects closer to the Fixed Focal Length Lens will appear larger than objects farther from the lens. Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Fixed Focal Length Lenses and C-Mount Lenses in a range of sizes, anti-reflection coatings, sensor coverage, resolving powers (MTF), focal lengths, or working distances.

    Compact Fixed Focal Length Lenses, which offer a small physical size, are ideal for automated machine vision applications. Compact VIS-NIR Fixed Focal Length Lenses also offer optimized performance in the Visible to Near Infrared (NIR) spectrums. High Resolution Fixed Focal Length Lenses are designed for compatibility with 5 MegaPixel sensors. SWIR Fixed Focal Length Lenses have been designed for optimal performance in the 0.9 - 1.7μm wavelength range.


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