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Athermal Imaging Lenses

  • Designed to Maintain High Resolution Over a Wide Temperature Range
  • Ruggedized for Shock and Vibration Environments
  • Large Sensor Coverage up to 1.1”
  • Optothermal Stability from Passive Athermalization

TECHSPEC® Athermal Imaging Lenses provide optothermal stability in a ruggedized lens housing, making them ideal for harsh environments. These lenses utilize passive athermalization to mitigate the effects of thermal defocus in applications that are prone to temperature fluctuations. Additionally, these lenses are ruggedized to protect against lens damage and minimize pixel shift after shock and vibration. TECHSPEC® Athermal Imaging Lenses feature C-Mount threading and full coverage of sensors up to 1.1”.

Note: Passive Athermalization is introduced in the application note here.

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