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Microlens Array Mounts Microlens Array Mounts New
  • Easily Integrate Microlens Arrays into Optical Applications
  • Compatible with Various 25.4mm Outer Diameter Circular Optical Mounts
  • Includes Allen Wrench and M2 Screws
Zaber™ Motorized Goniometers Zaber™ Motorized Goniometers New
  • 40mm and 60mm Center of Rotation Options
  • Small Footprint with a Low Profile for Compact Systems
  • 30N (~3kg) Centered Load Capacity
  • Available with Integrated, 200 Counts per Revolution (CPR) Motor Mounted Encoder
Adjustable "¼-20 Mount with 90° Tilt Rotation Mounts for Machine Vision Cameras New
  • ¼”-20 Camera Mounts with 90° or 180° Tilt Available
  • 360° Rotation with 10° Index Marks
  • Compatible with Popular Cameras
Zaber™ Motorized Filter Wheels Zaber™ Motorized Filter Wheels New
  • Built-In Controller for Easy Configuration
  • Interchangeable Filter Holders For 32 mm (7 Positions) or 25 mm (10 Positions) Optics
  • Free Robust Software Available
Crossed-Roller Bearing Piezo Tunable Linear Stages Crossed-Roller Bearing Piezo Tunable Linear Stages
TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More
  • Micrometer with Separate Piezo Actuator for Fine Adjustment
  • 40 x 40mm and 70x70mm in English and Metric Hole Patterns Available
  • Easily Assembled into X-Y and X-Y-Z Configurations
2-Axis Adjustable Slits 2-Axis Adjustable Slits New
  • Two Independently Adjustable Axes
  • Any Rectangular Slit Size up to 10 x 10mm
  • 50mm Outer Diameter for Ease of System Integration
Ultraprecision Kinematic Mounts Ultraprecision Kinematic Mounts New
  • Low Wavefront Distortion Mounting
  • Lockable 100 TPI Fine Adjustment Screws for High Precision and Long-Term Stability
  • Space Efficient Rear Adjustment and Top Adjustment Versions