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Recertified Imaging Lenses

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Recertified Fixed Focal Length Lenses | View All

HD P-Iris Lenses HD P-Iris Lenses
  • High Resolution Design for 5 MegaPixel Imaging
  • P-Iris Stepper Motor Control for Repeatability
  • Covers Full 2/3” Sensors with Multiple Focal Length Options
Low Distortion Wide Angle Lenses Low Distortion Wide Angle Lenses
  • Less than 3% and Less Than 1% Distortion Versions Available
  • 3 and 5 MegaPixel Resolution Options
  • No Refocusing from 100mm to Infinity
  • CS-Mount and C-Mount Options
Rodagon Large Format Lenses Rodagon Large Format Lenses
  • Supports Large Format and Line Scan Sensors
  • Up to 1.3 MegaPixels or 8k Line Scan, 7μm Pixel Size Sensors
  • 1", C-Mount, F-Mount, T-Mount Lens
  • Close Focus Distance

Recertified Fixed Magnification Lenses | View All

InfiniTube™ FM Systems InfiniTube™ FM Systems
  • Direct to Video C-Mount for 2/3" and Smaller Sensor Cameras
  • Internal Focusing

Recertified Zoom Lenses | View All

7X and 12.5X High Precision Zoom Lenses 7X and 12.5X High Precision Zoom Lenses
Dynamic Focus VZM™ Lens Dynamic Focus VZM™ Lens
  • Electronically Adjust Focus with Integrated Liquid Lens
  • Allows Magnification Adjustment without changing Working Distance
  • Overcomes Depth of Field Limitations
VZM™ Zoom Imaging Lenses VZM™ Zoom Imaging Lenses
  • Designed to Accomodate up to 2/3" Sensor Size Formats
  • Dependable, Versatile Performance in Compact Designs
  • Analog and Digital Imaging Systems Available

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