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Fabricación de Lentes Esféricas

  • 5200+ Stock Spherical Lenses Ready for Purchase
  • Available in Glass and Crystalline Materials with a Variety of Standard and Custom Coatings
  • Stock to Custom, from Design and Prototype to Volume Production

Edmund Optics designs and manufactures stock and custom spherical optics to suit any application. From singlet and doublet optical lenses to ball lenses and condenser lenses, we have spherical optics to meet your need. Our expert optical design and manufacturing staff can develop customized solutions incorporating custom sizes and shapes, anti-reflection coatings, or other modifications. Want to learn more? Contact us today to speak with an expert!


  • Zygo® VeriFire™ High Resolution Interferometer
  • TRIOPTICS OptiCentric®
  • Fogale LS-200 Non-contact Center Thickness Measurement
Spherical Lens Manufacturing Specifications
  Commercial Precision High Precision
Diameter 1 – 200mm 3 – 150mm 3 – 150mm
Diameter Tolerance +0/-0.100mm +0/-0.025mm +0/-0.010mm
Thickness ±0.100mm ±0.050mm ±0.010mm
Surface Sag ±0.050mm ±0.030mm ±0.010mm
Radius ±0.3% ±0.1% Fix to Test Plate
Power (P - V) 3.0λ 1.5λ 0.5λ
Irregularity (P - V) 1.0λ 0.5λ 0.05λ
Centering (Beam Deviation) 3 arcmin 1 arcmin 0.5 arcmin
Bevel Tolerance ±0.2mm @ 45° ±0.1mm @ 45° ±0.05mm @ 45°
Surface Quality 60-40 40-20 10-5

Selecting the Right Spherical Optic

Edmund Optics has the expertise to provide stock and custom spherical optics. Our specialty is plano-convex (PCX), double-convex (DCX), plano-concave (PCV), double-concave (DCV), achromatic, and ball lenses. Contact us with your requirements and our expert staff of optical manufacturing engineers will work closely with you to make sure we deliver spherical optics that meets your system's needs within your budget constraints.


  • Ideal for Polychromatic Imaging Applications
  • Feature Low-Index and High-Index Elements for Higher Performance Optimization Compared to Singlet Lenses

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  • Feature a Positive Focal Length and One Flat (Plano) and One Convex Surface
  • Orient with Plano Surface Towards the Desired Focal plane for Optimal Collimation/Focusing
  • Ideal for Collimation and Focusing Applications Utilizing Monochromatic Illumination

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Double-Convex Lenses

  • Ideal for Imaging Objects at Close Conjugate Distances
  • Feature a Positive Focal Length and Two Convex Surfaces with Equal Radii

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  • Feature a Negative Focal Length and One Flat (Plano) and One Concave Surface
  • Ideal for Beam Expansion, Light Projection, and Expanding the Focal Length of Optical Systems

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  • Feature a Negative Focal Length and Two Concave Surfaces with Equal Radii
  • Ideal for Beam Expansion, Light Projection, and Expanding the Focal Length of Optical Systems

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