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1460-1600nm Near-Infrared Camera

1460-1600nm Near-Infrared Camera (Front)

1460-1600nm Near-Infrared Camera (Front) 1460-1600nm Near-Infrared Camera (Back)
  • Low Cost
  • Compact Size
  • Standard Analog Video Output
  • High Speed Electronic Shutter

This near IR camera utilizes a high resolution CCD array that has been specially treated with a phosphor coating. The result is a camera that has an effective response between 1460nm to 1600nm at a cost much lower than seen with other detector technologies. The high-speed electronic shutter allows for easy attenuation of high-level signals often associated with laser applications. Features a maximum CW power saturation of 100mW/cm2 at 1550nm. The camera is ideal for applications including laser alignment, telecommunication testing, as well as inspection. While standard CCD lenses can be utilized in the near IR, their optical designs and coating are generally not optimized for this region of the spectrum. We recommend video lenses designed specifically for the near IR region.

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