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Bar-Type Holders

English Bar-Type Holders, #03-666 and #03-676

English Bar-Type Holders, #03-666 and #03-676 40mm Bar-Type Lens/Filter Holder, #03-676 110mm Bar-Type Lens/Filter Holder, #03-666 Metric Bar-Type Lens / Filter Holder
  • Crossed V-Groove for Centering Optics Vertically and Horizontally
  • Mount Optics up to 118mm Diameter
  • M6 x 1.0 or ¼-20 TPI Mounting Thread for Post Mounting Applications

Bar-Type Holders are made from black anodized aluminum with steel guides. These holders allow for quick and precise mounting of various sized optics. The crossed V-Groove design centers the optics vertically and horizontally. Bar-Type Holders feature an M6 x 1.0 or ¼-20 TPI mounting thread for post mounting applications. Posts and Post Holders are required for mounting to a breadboard.      

Technical Information

 English Type
Diameter A Width B Height C Thickness D Stock No.
40mm 70mm 81mm 12.7mm #03-676
67mm 90mm 110mm 12.7mm #03-669
118mm 140mm 162mm 12.7mm #03-666
Metric Type
A Max (mm) A Min (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) Stock No.
25 5 48 40 12 10 #55-529
60 10 95 85 14 15 #55-530