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Handheld Crossline Generator

  • User Adjustable Crosshairs
  • Supports PAL/NTSC
  • Black or White Crosshairs
  • Power Pass Through Design
  • Low Cost

This low cost handheld unit will superimpose a set of crosshairs onto an image from any PAL or NTSC source. The unit is able to extract the sync information from the video luminance signal and then feed a pattern back into the same path. As the unit only adds data to the video stream it can be switched off without affecting the original image. The crosshairs can be set to any position within the central 80% of the screen by adjustment of the two, 15 turn potentiometers. Contrast can be adjusted from black to white via the single turn potentiometer. The generator accepts and outputs the signal via BNC connections and also features a power pass through feature, which allows one 12V power supply to drive both generator and camera (see additional PSU requirements below). Due to the nature of operation we are able to offer this unit at a much lower price than equivalent pattern generators currently on the market.

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