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Laser Detection Products

Laser Detection Products

Laser Detection Products Laser Detection Card NIR, #36-743 Laser Detection Wand VIS, #55-294 Bench Mounted Laser Detection Head UV, #55-296
  • Full Spectrum Coverage: UV, VIS, IR Series
  • 3 Mounted Formats Have Safe, Non-reflective Encapsulation
  • Unique, No Pre-charge for IR Detection and No Fading During Use
  • Flexibility for Either Transmission or Reflective Viewing

Laser Detection Products offer UV, visible, and IR laser users' greater performance and safety. They reduce problems associated with beam visualization, profiling, and alignment in many applications. Each range is available in three formats. Laser Detection Products’ laminated credit card style is for low-power sources and reflective viewing only. The 25mm disk and clip-on wand style is used when frequent component positioning is required. The removable disk is positional at an optics location to enable precise alignment, while the wand format permits handling into the beam path. The optical bench-mountable head format has a large active area and ¼-20 threaded mounting for standard English post/post holder integration. 

Technical Information

 Laser Detection Products 
Stimulation Range 250 - 550nm Band 1: 400 - 640nm Band 1: 790 - 840nm 700 - 1400nm
Band 2: 800 - 1700nm Band 2: 870 - 1070nm
Band 3: 1550nm
Typical Applications HeCd, Ar-Ion, tripled Nd:YAG, etc. Ar-Ion, HeNe, HeCd, Nd:YAG, etc.

808nm, 820nm, 830nm, 880nm,
960 - 980nm Laser Diodes, Nd:YAG, 1550nm

Nd:YAG, Fiber Laser
Emission Color Yellow (580nm), Broadband (490nm - 700nm) Orange/Red (655nm), Broadband (600 - 730nm) Green (550nm), other peaks at Red (673nm) and Blue (400nm) Orange/Red (655nm)
(Stimulation Removed)
6 s - 4 mins (dependent on ambient light)

Visible: 0.5 - 3 s (dependent on ambient light) IR: <0.5 s

800μs <50 ms
Continuous (Minimum Stimlation)* <1nW/cm2 @ 450nm & 365nm <1nW/cm2 @ 450nm
<25μW/cm>2 @ 950nm
<2μW/cm>2 @ 808nm
<175 nW/cm2 @ 960nm
<100μW/cm>2 @ 1550nm
8μW/cm2 @ 1064nm
Pulsed (Minimum Stimulation)* <8W/cm2 @ 337nm, 4ns, 20Hz, <40W/cm2 @ 337nm, 4ns, 1Hz 2 kW/cm2 @ 1064nm, 7ns, 10Hz 250 kW/cm2 @ 1064nm, 7ns, 10Hz  N/A
Continuous (Maximum Stimulation) 100W/cm2 @ 512nm (all formats) 100W/cm2 @ 512nm (all formats) 100W/cm2 (all formats) 100W/cm2 @ 1064nm (estimated)
Single Pulse (Maximum Stimulation)

130MW/cm2 @ 337nm, 4ns (card only)
850MW/cm2 @ 337nm, 4ns (other formats)
60MW/cm2 @ 1064nm, 7ns (all formats)

130MW/cm2 @ 337nm, 4ns (card only)
850MW/cm2 @ 337nm, 4ns (other formats)
60MW/cm2 @ 1064nm, 7ns (all formats)

35MW/cm2 @ 1064nm, 7ns (all formats) 35MW/cm2 @1064nm, 7ns (estimated)

*Measured in darkened conditions