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Metric Lab Jacks

  • Rugged, Black Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Fine Lead Screw for Precision Movement
  • Large Adjustment Knob for Maximum Control
  • Locking Knob to Secure Vertical Positioning

Metric Labs Jacks feature a rugged construction and a fine screw movement that allows for precision adjustment of vertical positioning of most optical components or equipment, with a maximum weight capacity of up to 55 lbs. Top surfaces are precision finished mounting platforms with ¼-20 and M4 tapped holes (see diagram). The bottom platforms have several additional M6 metric and ¼-20 English sized clearance holes, which are spaced to adapt to common mounting surfaces. Metric Lab Jacks utilize a locking knob to fix vertical position at desired height. Each full revolution of the adjustment knob moves the platform vertically by 1mm.

160 x 100mm Lab Jack (#54-687) and 132 x 80mm Lab Jack (#56-336) are compatible with the following stages: #55-032, #55-459, #55-527, #55-840, and #55-841.

Note: Mount Lab Jacks on Metric or English Breadboards using #12-796 to mount #56-336 and #54-687, and use #12-797 to mount #62-009.