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Nikon CFI Plan Fluor Objectives

Nikon CFI Plan Fluor Objectives

Nikon CFI Plan Fluor Objectives

  • Provide High Contrast Fluorescence Observation
  • Ideal for Multiple Microscopy Techniques
  • High Transmission from UV to the IR

Nikon CFI Plan Fluor Objectives feature high transmission from the ultraviolet to the infrared, along with exceptional flatness across the entire field of view. Nikon CFI Plan Fluor Objectives are ideal multipurpose objectives for a variety of microscopy techniques, including brightfield, fluorescence, polarizing, or DIC microscopy. These microscope objectives are suitable for high contrast fluorescence observation or for applications including photomicrography.

Technical Information

Dimensions (mm)
Stock No. Nikon Model Number Immersion Liquid Magnification Parafocal Length
#88-378 MRH00041


4X 60.06 30.0 42.7 16.5 M25 x 0.75
#88-379 MRH00101 N/A 10X 60.06 30.0 42.4 18.0 M25 x 0.75
#38-004 MRP07220 Water 16X 75.0 35.0 72.0 6.0 M32 x 0.75
#88-380 MRH00201 N/A 20X 60.06 28.0 57.8 8.5 M25 x 0.75
#88-381 MRH00401 N/A 40X 60.06 30.0 59.2 10.0 M25 x 0.75
#88-382 MRH00602 N/A 60X 60.06 31.5 59.2 5.0 M25 x 0.75
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