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Norland Optical Adhesive NOA 63, 1 oz. Application Bottle

1 oz. Application Bottle of NOA (NOA 60 shown as an example)

1 oz. Application Bottle of NOA (NOA 60 shown as an example)

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Norland Number:
Size (oz):
Bonding Type:
Glass to Glass
Glass Bonding:
Metal Bonding:
Plastic Bonding:
Index of Refraction nd:
1.56 @ 589nm
Hard, Resilient
Shelf Life:
6 months
Typical Applications:
High viscosity adhesive useful for bonding U.V. opaque components by curing a bead or drop along edge. Cures well in thick sections.
Viscosity (cps):
Absorption Range (nm):
350 - 380
Energy for Full Cure (J/cm2):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 211:

Product Family Description

  • Excellent Optical Qualities
  • Available in Easy to Use Barrels
  • Cure Quickly when Exposed to UV Light

Norland Optical Adhesives are clear, solvent-free optical adhesives designed to fully cure in only minutes when exposed to ultraviolet light. Norland Optical Adhesives are used in precision alignment or positioning applications that require a robust and resilient bond. To use Norland Optical Adhesives, apply the adhesive to the optical surface, position the components, and use a UV light source to set the components in place. Since the adhesive will not cure until exposed to UV light, time can be taken during the positioning stage.

Note: Preloaded Norland Dispensing Barrels (3cc and 10cc) require a Dispensing Gun or Hand Plunger as well as Dispenser Tips for adhesive application. Warm, soapy water or acetone can be used to debond components.

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