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Coherent® Laser Diode Mount 0221-437-00 | 14.7-14.8mm Dia. Laser Diode Mount

Laser Mounting Clamp, #37-143
15mm Dia., Laser Diode Mount, #37-144
Tiltable Aluminum Mount, #64-834

Laser Mounting Clamp, #37-143

15mm Dia., Laser Diode Mount, #37-144

Tiltable Aluminum Mount, #64-834


Stock #53-263
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Black Delrin®, clamos, Brass Alloy Ball
Compatible Diode Modules:
VLM™ 30° and 60° Line, VLM™, VLM™ 2, VHK™
Coarse Rotation (°):
Diameter of Compatible Laser (mm):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:

Product Family Description

  • Compatibles con Módulos de Diodo
  • Capacidad de Pivote
  • Ofrece Alineamiento a Disipador de Calor (los LDM’s Requieren Aislamiento Eléctrico)

Laser Diode Mounts are available for all of the various sizes of laser diodes available from Edmund Optics®. These mounts are ideal tools for mounting a laser diode to optical tables or breadboards. Options include fixed mounts with no adjustment available and mounts offering tip and tilt adjustment for ease of alignment. Laser Diode Mounts may also function as heat sinks and effectively dissipate the heat lasers produce when left on for long periods of time. All mount options include necessary hardware.

Note: Please see the individual stock numbers for more detailed specifications. For help selecting the appropriate mount for your laser please contact our Technical Support.

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