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150W EKE, Replacement Bulb

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Lamp Lifetime (hours):
200 - 10,000
Color Temperature (K):
Type of Illumination:

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • 3200K Color Temperature
  • 200 - 10,000 Hour Lifetime
  • Designed for Dolan-Jenner Illuminators

150W EKE Replacement Bulb for Fiber Optic Illuminators is the standard replacement bulb for our illuminators. The Quartz Halogen light source color temperature is 3200K. The 150W EKE bulb lifetime is typically 200-10,000 hours, depending on intensity and is recommended for the Dolan-Jenner DC-950. The EKE-X bulb has a longer lifetime compared to the EKE bulb, and is recommended for the Dolan-Jenner MI-150.

Technical Information

Secondary Voltage of Illuminator Light (% of Maximum) Watts (% of Maximum) Change on Color Temp (K) Life (Factors of Min. Hrs)
21 100% 100% -0 K 1X
20 84% 93% -60 K 2X
19 70% 86% -120 K 3.5X
18 59% 79% -170 K 7.5X
17 49% 72% -230 K 16X
16 40% 66% -290 K 35X

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