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15mm, Uncoated, Rhomboid Prism

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Length (mm):
Angle Tolerance (arcsec):
Beam Deviation (arcsec):
Dimensional Tolerance (mm):
Image Orientation:
Beam Deviation
Ray Deviation (°):
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Surface Flatness (P-V):
Surface Quality:
Rhomboid Prism
Wavelength Range (nm):
350 - 2200

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 219:
Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • Lateral Displacement of Beam 
  • Displaces Optical Axis Without Inverting Image
  • Input and Output Beams Parallel to ±30 Arcseconds
  • Beam Displacing Dove Prisms Also Available

Rhomboid prisms are commonly used to displace a laser beam without changing its direction. In imaging applications, rhomboid prisms will displace the optical axis without inverting the image. The lateral displacement is equal to the length of the prism (specified by dimension D). Our TECHSPEC® Rhomboid Prisms feature high tolerance angles that keep the output beam parallel to the input beam to within 30 arcseconds. They are ideal for demanding displacement applications.

Rhomboid Prism Ray Path
Rhomboid Prism Ray Path
Rhomboid Prism Tunnel Diagram
Rhomboid Prism Tunnel Diagram
Stock No. A B C D
#47-625 5mm 5mm 3.5mm 7.1mm
#47-213 10mm 10mm 7.1mm 14.1mm
#49-418 12.5mm 12.5mm 8.8mm 17.5mm
#49-419 15mm 15mm 10.5mm 21.2mm
#47-214 20mm 20mm 14.2mm 28.3mm
#47-626 25mm 25mm 17.7mm 35.4mm
#49-420 50mm 50mm 35.4mm 70.7mm
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