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25.4mm Dia., Aluminum Coated, Aluminum Substrate Mirror

Metal Substrate Mirrors

Metal Substrate Mirrors

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Surface Flatness:
λ/4 RMS
Aluminum 6061-T6
Surface Quality:
Diameter (mm):
25.40 +0.00/-0.38
Coating Specification:
Ravg >85% @ 400 - 700nm
Ravg >70% @ 700 - 2000nm
Ravg >97% @ 2 - 12μm
Protected Aluminum (400-12000nm)
Coating Type:
Mounting Threads:
6-32 TPI Tapped Holes
Surface Roughness (Angstroms):
Thickness (mm):
Flat Mirror
Wavelength Range (μm):
0.4 - 12
Wavelength Range (nm):
400 - 12,000

Regulatory Compliance

Descripción de Producto

Due to the 17.5nm roughness of the diamond turned surface, these mirrors may not be suitable for UV and visible applications that require low scatter

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