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25° 4.34mm Output Dia., Compound Parabolic Concentrator

Stock #63-229
Cant. 1-10
Cant. 11
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Acceptance Angle (°):
BBAR (420-680nm)
Input Diameter (mm):
Length (mm):
Surface Quality:
Specialty Lens
Dimensional Tolerance (mm):
Clear Aperture (%):
Output Diameter (mm):
Coating Specification:
Input End: Ravg <0.5% @ 420 - 680nm
Output End: Uncoated
Wavelength Range (nm):
420 - 680

Regulatory Compliance

Product Family Description

  • 25° and 45° Acceptance Angles
  • 2.5mm and 5.0mm Exit Diameters
  • Ideal for Concentrating Solar Energy

Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs) are designed to efficiently collect and concentrate distant light sources. With acceptance angle options of 25° and 45°, our CPCs are able to accommodate a variety of light sources and configurations. Compound Parabolic Concentrators are critical components in solar energy collection, wireless communication, biomedical and defense research, or for any applications requiring condensing of a divergent light source. For custom coatings on the entrance and exit faces or for custom sizes and configurations, please contact our Sales Department.

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