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7.30μm, 12.5mm Diameter, Infrared Longpass Filter

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Traditional Coated
Cut-On Wavelength (nm):
Diameter (mm):
12.50 +0.0/-0.1
Germanium (Ge)
Operating Temperature (°C):
-62 to +71
Optical Density OD:
Surface Quality:
Thickness (mm):
Thickness Tolerance (mm):
Transmission (%):
Longpass Filter
Blocking Wavelength Range (nm):
200 - 7300
Parallelism (arcmin):
Clear Aperture (%):
Cut-On Tolerance (%):
5% of Peak Transmission
Slope Factor (%):
Cut-On Wavelength (μm):
Cut-On Wavelength Tolerance (μm):
Transmission Wavelength (μm):
7.67 - 14.60
Surface Flatness:
3 - 5λ

Product Family Description

  • Coated on Silicon or Germanium Substrates
  • Ideal for Isolating Broad Spectral Regions
  • Durable, First-Surface Coatings

Longpass filters provide a sharp cut-off below a particular wavelength. Often used for order sorting, they isolate broad regions of the spectrum, simultaneously providing high transmission of desired energy, and deep rejection of unwanted energy. Constructed of hard, durable first-surface dielectric coatings on optical-quality IR-transmitting substrates, these Infrared (IR) Longpass Filters will withstand normal cleaning and handling associated with any high-quality optical component. These filters are particularly useful for FTIR spectroscopy and Thermal Imaging Applications. For custom sizes and coating requirements, please contact our Sales Department.

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