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5mm Dia., 15mm FL, 3D Printed GRIN Lens

3D Printed Gradient Index (GRIN) Lenses

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Diameter (mm):
Effective Focal Length EFL (mm):
Substrate: Many glass manufacturers offer the same material characteristics under different trade names. Learn More
Polymer Containing Nanoparticles
Gradient Index Lens
Back Focal Length BFL (mm):
Index of Refraction nd:
Polymer 1: 1.538
Polymer 2: 1.491
Length (mm):

Regulatory Compliance

Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • Additively Manufactured through 3D Printing
  • Highly Customizable Technology Enables Complex Lens Designs
  • Variable Index by Alternating Polymer Material

3D Printed Gradient Index (GRIN) Lenses are additively manufactured through 3D inkjet-printing. These gradient optics are printed from two polymer inks containing nanoparticles and then cured to hold shape. By changing the nanoparticle concentration during the manufacturing process, a gradient refractive index is created in the optic which can be designed to vary in any axis. The 3D inkjet-printing process is capable of altering the refractive index contrast, refractive index gradient, and chromatic dispersion of the produced lenses, enabling highly complex or freeform optical functions. 3D Printed Gradient Index (GRIN) Lenses are used in defense applications, including night vision systems and imaging systems for unmanned aerial vehicles, to create smaller, lighter optical systems.

This product is a demonstration of the capabilities possible with customizable 3D printed lens technology; please contact us to discuss how it can be used with your application.