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Coherent® Thermopile Power Sensor 1098314 | 100mW - 30W, DB25

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Active Area Diameter (mm):
Model Number:
Coherent Part Number: 1098314
Type of Sensor:
Length of Cable (m):
Computer Interface:
Calibration Uncertainty (%):
Calibration Wavelength (nm):
Long Pulse Joule Mode Range (J):
0.5 - 50
Maximum Intermittent Power, <5min (W):
50 (air-cooled)
Cooling Method:
Maximum Incident Power Density (kW/cm2):
Power Range:
100mW - 30W
Maximum Incident Energy Density (J/cm2):
0.6 @ 1064nm, 10ns
Compatible Meters:
Wavelength Range (nm):
190 - 11000
Wavelength Range (μm):
0.19 - 11

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 224:
Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • Superior Damage Resistance
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • ISO 17025 Certified

Coherent® Thermopile Power Sensors are ideal for measuring the average power of continuous wave lasers or pulsed laser energy. Thermopile sensors operate by absorbing and converting incident laser radiation into heat, which then flows to a heat sink. The temperature difference between the absorber and heat sink is converted into an electrical signal by a thermocouple junction. Coherent® Thermopile Power Sensors, unlike semiconductor sensors, do not saturate. Unlike semiconductor sensors, thermopile sensors feature high power capability and flat spectral response.