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Fiber Spatial Filter-FC

Fiber Spatial Filter-FC, #55-475

Fiber Spatial Filter-FC, #55-475
Fiber Spatial Filter-FC, #55-475
Stock #55-475
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Adjustable - Linear (XYZ) & Tip-Tilt
Black Anodized Aluminum
Type of Optics:
Fiber Connector
Compatible Post:
M6 x 1.0
Fiber Connection:
Type of Drive:
Differential Micrometer (XY)
Linear Travel (mm):
XY: ±1.5, Z: ±5
Linear Travel Resolution (μm):
2.5 (XY)
Tip/Tilt Angle (°):
Base Tilt Angle (°):
10X microscope objective included

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 219:

Product Family Description

  • X-Y Micrometer Translation
  • Gimbal Tilt Control for Fiber Alignment
  • Z-Axis Translation for Objective Mount

Our Metric Spatial Filters are designed to ease fiber optic and pinhole system integration. With ±1.5mm micrometer driven X-Y translation, 2.5μm resolution, and an objective mount with 10mm Z-axis translation, these Metric Spatial Filters are ideal for a range of DIN and JIS standard objectives. The fiber optic metric spatial filter provides easy connection for fiber optics with an FC termination and features gimbal tilt control for fiber alignment with a ±2° adjustable angle range. The pinhole metric spatial filter includes a pinhole adapter for integrating mounted and unmounted pinholes.

Note: Metric Spatial Filters are only compatible with the following objectives: DIN Achromatic 4X (#43-902), DIN Plan 4X (#67-706), and the JIS Achromatic 10X.

#55-475 (Units: mm)
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