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Coherent® Beam Position Thermopile Power Sensors 1168340 | 10mW-10W

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Minimum Power (mW):
Power Range:
10mW - 10W
Wavelength Range (μm):
0.25 - 10.6
Active Area Diameter (mm):
Cooling Method:
Model Number:
Coherent Part Number: 1168340
Type of Sensor:
Quad Element Thermopile
Length of Cable (m):
Linearity (%):
Computer Interface:
Maximum Incident Power Density (kW/cm2):
Calibration Uncertainty (%):
Calibration Wavelength (nm):
Long Pulse Joule Mode Range (J):
0.5 - 10
Long Pulse Joule Mode Accuracy (%):
Spectral Compensation Accuracy (%):
Maximum Incident Energy Density:
600mJ/cm2 (10ns, 1064nm)
Maximum Incident Beam Power (W):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:

Product Family Description

  • Thermopile Detector Element for High Power Measurements
  • Measure Beam Position on Detector Surface
  • ISO 17025 Certified

Coherent® Beam Position Sensing Thermopile Power Sensors are all-purpose sensors designed to measure the average power or energy of a wide variety of continuous wave or pulsed lasers. Coherent Beam Position Sensing Thermopile Power Sensors utilize a quadrant thermopile detector disk to sense the position of the laser beam on the detector surface while measuring the laser power. Coherent thermopile sensors can operate across a wide range of input powers, and do not saturate.

Note: The LM-20 is designed for embedded use and must be mounted on a heat sink.

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