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Red Fluorescent Filter (R7), 50mm Square

Stock #84-886
Cant. 1-9
Cant. 10
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Thickness (mm):
Thickness Tolerance (mm):
Color Filter
Dimensions (mm):
50.0 x 50.0 ±0.10
Glass/Filter Number:
Excitation Wavelength (nm):
200 - 420

Regulatory Compliance

Product Family Description

  • Wide Range of UV Excitation
  • High Sensitivity and Durability
  • Minimum Sensitivity of ~1 μW/cm2 for All Emissions

Lumilass Fluorescent Glass Filters absorb UV energy (peak absorption at 365nm) and re-emit light into visible spectrum. Even with a faint UV source (<1 μW/cm2), the high sensitivity of the fluorescent filters allows for visible light detection. Available in Red (R7), Green (G9) and Blue (B) emissions, each Lumilass Fluorescent Glass Filters feature a wide range of excitation wavelengths peaked at 365nm. Applications include fluorescence microscopy, excimer laser detection, and as a standard test material for fluorescence characteristics.

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