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Optical Mirror Mounts are used to mount optical mirrors for integration into laser or optical systems. Optical Mirror Mounts are mounting components that hold optical mirrors in a stationary position for use in a number of optical or laser applications. Optical Mirror Mounts are designed to integrate with optomechanical products or optical posts to provide stability to the mounted component. Optical Mirror Mounts are ideal choices for applications that require an optical mirror to be integrated into a system.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Optical Mirror Mounts suited for many mounting needs. Many Optical Mirror Mounts also feature tip-tilt positioning to enable increased positioning of the mounted optical component. Optical Mirror Mounts additionally offer angled as well as straight mounting orientations for increased versatility in integrating with different optical systems. A selection of Precision Gimbal Mounts is also available for increased accuracy when positioning or mounting optical components.


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