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25mm Dia. Broadband IR Laser Mirror

Stock #33-000
Cant. 1-5
Cant. 6
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Surface Flatness:
λ/20 @ 10.6μm
Surface Roughness (Angstroms):
<50 RMS
Surface Quality:
Clear Aperture (%):
Bare Gold
Coating Specification:
Ravg >98.8% @ 2 - 20μm
Coating Type:
Diameter (mm):
25.00 +0.00/-0.12
Thickness (mm):
Damage Threshold, CW:
Typical: 50 kW/cm2
Thickness Tolerance (mm):
Laser Mirror
Wavelength Range (μm):
2 - 20
Wavelength Range (nm):
2000 - 20,000

Regulatory Compliance

Product Family Description

  • Greater than 98% Reflectivity from 2 - 20μm
  • Copper Substrate Mirrors
  • High Damage Thresholds

Broadband IR Laser Mirrors are ideal for demanding infrared laser applications such as those utilizing quantum cascade or CO2 lasers. Broadband IR Laser Mirrors utilize a copper substrate to significantly increase the laser damage threshold and to dissipate the excess heat generated from high power infrared lasers. Because copper mirrors adequately dissipate excess heat, they feature superior mechanical stability than other substrates.

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