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Lámparas de Fibra Óptica

Fiber Optic Illuminators are used to provide intense, cool illumination for a number of optical applications. Fiber Optic Illuminators are light sources that are designed to interface with fiber optic light guides to provide a continual light supply that can be manipulated or directed in many different ways. Fiber Optic Illuminators provide easy-to-use, mobile illumination making them extremely useful lighting options for many applications.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Fiber Optics Illuminators suited for many illumination needs. Fiber Optic Illuminators give the benefit of multiple illumination types through the use of fiber optic light guides. Many fiber optic light guides are equipped with various illumination attachments, making Fiber Optic Illuminators a cheaper, easier, mobile light source for multiple illumination products. Fiber Optic Illuminators additionally produce relatively cool illumination, reducing light noise as well as speckle. A number of color filters are also available for use in applications where certain wavelengths are required.


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