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Microscopios Estéreo

Microscope Systems are essential to many Advanced Diagnostic systems and applications. Each application may require a different type of microscope – most common include Stereo and Inverted Microscopes. Stereo Microscopes are optical microscopes that use incident light illumination for inspection. Stereo Microscopes offer a broad range of magnification options, along with features such as zoom capability or interchangeable objectives in higher-end models. Inverted Microscopes simply flip the objective and sensor position below the sample, and are important for cellular analysis, well plate inspection, or petri dish inspection where critical features and cells reside on the bottom of a well. Inverted Microscopes are beneficial for specimens that are best imaged from underneath in order to reduce the amount of spherical and chromatic aberrations typically induced by immersion medium. Microscope Systems are ideal for analysis of small features and defects that cannot be resolved simply or easily by the human eye.

Edmund Optics offers Stereo Microscopes and Inverted Microscopes by industry leading manufacturers, including Mitutoyo and Olympus. The Mitutoyo FS70 Inspection Microscope is compatible with the Mitutoyo Infinity Corrected Objectives. The Olympus Stereo Microscopes offer various mounting configurations for a variety of application and system spaces. Edmund Optics also offers a variety of Stereo Microscope accessories, including cameras or vibration isolation tables which minimize vibrations from interfering with image quality.

Estero Microscopio Básico
  • Magnificación de 20X
  • Iluminación Incidental y Transmitido Integrado de Cuarzo Halógeno
  • Cobertura Contra Polvo

Etaluma Digital Inverted Microscopes
  • Designed Primarily for Green Fluorescence and Brightfield
  • Works Inside Incubators, Hoods, and Environmental Chambers
  • High Resolution and Sensitivity
  • Compatible With Wide Range of Objectives

Microscopio Económico de Magnificación Dual
  • Magnificación de 20X a 40X
  • Cabezal Rotable por los 360°
  • Iluminación Halógeno de Cuarzo Transmitido y Incidental Integrado
  • Cobertura Contra Polvo

Estero Microscopios Zoom de Edmund E-Zoom4 y E-Zoom6
  • Índices de Zoom de 4.3:1 o 6.3:1
  • Distancias de Trabajo Largos
  • Versión Trinocular Disponible

Cabezas de Microscopio Zoom de Inspección
  • Gama de zoom continuo de 4:1
  • Cabezal rotable 360°
  • Modelos de video incluyen montura-C
  • Magnificaciones de hasta 200X
  • Angulo de visión de 45°
  • Distancia de trabajo fija

Microscopio de Inspección Mitutoyo FS70
  • Utiliza objetivos Mitutoyo corregidos al infinito
  • El cabezal permite incorporar una cámara
  • El revólver acepta hasta 4 objetivos

Olympus Stereo Microscope Systems
  • Simplify Component Selection for SZ61 and SZX7 Microscopes
  • Camera Systems Include 5MP Color USB 2.0 Camera
  • Boom Stand Systems Include Ball Bearing Boom Stand

Olympus SZ51 and SZ61 Zoom Stereo Microscopes
  • Variable Magnification Ranges
  • Trinocular Design Available for Camera Compatibility
  • Multiple Mounting Stands and Configurations
  • Olympus SZX7 Zoom Stereo Microscope is Also Available

Olympus SZX7 Zoom Stereo Microscope

Z Series Modular Zoom Stereo Microscopes
  • Capable of Achieving Magnifications from 2.4X - 320X
  • Modular Design for Maximum Customizability
  • Ergonomic Option to Prevent Repeat Use Injuries

Zoom Stereo Trinocular Microscope
  • 10X to 40X Zoom Magnification
  • Large Stable Stand
  • Built in Quartz Halogen Incident and Transmitted Illumination
  • Dust Cover


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