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Type of Shutter
Video Output
Resolution (MegaPixels)
Camera Sensor Format
Frame Rate (fps)
Pixel Size, H x V (μm)
Type of Sensor
Camera Family
Imaging Device


Cameras are used to capture image data from an examined object or location for a number of imaging applications such as machine vision or factory automation. Cameras are imaging components that interface with imaging lenses. Cameras feature sensors designed to image focused light. Cameras are offered in many different sensor formats, as well as CCD or CMOS sensor types suitable for nearly any camera imaging application.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of analog or digital Cameras designed for a variety of imaging applications, including video microscopy or industrial use. Cameras use a wide range of video outputs to display an image on a monitor. Digital Cameras are available with a variety of digital interfaces, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, FireWire.a, FireWire.b, Gigabit Ethernet, or Camera Link® to ensure maximum compatibility with any number of applications’ needs. A selection of camera accessories is also available including mounting adapters, capture cards, or cables.

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