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    Retroiluminación LED

    LED Backlights are used to provide intense, even illumination over a wide area for a number of imaging or optics applications. LED Backlights are made with wide, flat illumination surfaces designed to light an object from behind. LED Backlights give excellent edge contrast to inspected objects as well as aid in identifying defects or imperfections within translucent or opaque surfaces. Telecentric LED Backlights are also available for especially accurate edge contrast illumination.

    Edmund Optics offers a range of LED Backlights suited for many factory automation or inspection needs. The Telecentric Backlight Illuminator is especially ideal for producing precise, accurate silhouettes. The Telecentric Backlight Illuminator can be used with a fiber optic or LED light source to provide direct, even illumination that highlights an object’s edge contrast with greater precision. When used with Telecentric Imaging Lenses, the Telecentric Backlight Illuminator provides highly accurate edge measurement or edge defect detection capability for a range of applications.


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